Power Utilities

We help power companies, utilities, and renewable energy developers and operators achieve significant savings, limit risk, and promote operational safety and efficiency through our rich data and technology assets.

Cost Insights

Proprietary market intelligence for energy and natural resources companies seeking a data-driven approach to cost management and project planning.

Thought Leadership

Commentary, benchmarks and case studies in supply chain, cost optimization and risk management for energy and natural resources companies.

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Streamlining the Tactical

Keep up with operational demands with improved strategies, data, and tools to increase service levels and reduce costs for the business

  • Automate, streamline, and scale bids, RFIs, procurement events
  • Improve purchasing activities, capacity, and metrics with enterprise-level data

Focusing on the Strategic

Evolve beyond transactions by delivering value-focused category and sourcing strategies with deeper insights into markets, risks, and cost drivers

  • Dynamically leverage scale and scope economies through game-changing enterprise spend insights
  • Proactively use market data to understand emerging opportunities for lowering costs

Delivering Continued Value

Achieve continued efficiencies and create OpEx and CapEx total cost of ownership value

  • Surface enterprise opportunities and category cost improvements
  • Enable advanced analysis for supplier relationship management, demand planning, and sourcing

Our solutions enable operations, finance, and supply chain leadership to answer difficult questions like:

  • How can we ensure we’re optimally managing our costs, suppliers, and operations as the industry landscape changes and regulatory oversight tightens?
  • How could labor shortages or commodity price volatility impact earnings and what cost related steps can we take to mitigate scarcity and volatility risk?
  • How does our enterprise spend profile compare to our peers and what do the results tell us about where we should invest time and effort to improve financial and operational results?
  • What data should we be analyzing to help us improve renewable project delivery and O&M costs?