Oil and Gas

Volatility, budget pressure, and hyper-competitiveness are all hallmarks of our industry, requiring operators to be laser-focused on costs. And that’s where we come in.

Cost Insights

Proprietary market intelligence for energy and natural resources companies seeking a data-driven approach to cost management and project planning.

Thought Leadership

Commentary, benchmarks and case studies in supply chain, cost optimization and risk management for energy and natural resources companies.

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With revenue under pressure, cost management takes priority for operators seeking to outperform the market.

O&G firms have sharpened their attention on cost reduction by focusing more intensely on supplier value.

Operators increasingly turn to PowerAdvocate for data and insights on the most impactful CapEx & OpEx savings opportunities.

Our customers are integrated supermajors, national oil companies, and independent upstream, midstream, and downstream players pursuing better financial performance.

We deliver the critical data needed to make great decisions about costs.