Adapting Ahead of Energy Transition

Adapting Ahead of the Energy Transition

Oil & Gas | Interview | December 2020

James Wagstaff, SVP PowerAdvocate and Aaron Paul Kelley from Upstream, discuss how operators need to adapt ahead of the energy transition.

Recognising that the industry needs to be disrupted, a number of operators have stated that they understand the world is changing and expect their product portfolios to change alongside this evolution.

“The future of the industry, in my view, isn’t necessarily around a particular mix of assets. Rather, it’s a future where companies are very cognizant and are testing the right portfolio of assets that balances carbon, profitability, and the returns investors require.” - James Wagstaff

As operators continue to evolve, they are able to move to new energy sources quickly and cost-effectively with the support of actionable data, analytics, and operational know-how needed to understand how energy transition initiatives can impact their bottom lines.

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