Thought Leadership

Commentary, benchmarks and case studies in supply chain, cost optimization and risk management for energy and natural resources companies.

Data-Driven Strategies to Navigate the Energy Transition in the UK

June 2, 2021

Energy | Report | PowerAdvocate shares procurement strategies for UK-energy operators to navigate the uncertainties of business transformation in the wake of the Prime Minister’s “Ten Point Plan”.

Oil and Gas Global Network – Measuring the Value of our Tech Investments

April 1, 2021

Oil & Gas | Podcast | This podcast focuses on how operators can better plan for digitalization initiatives and maximize return on investment for oil & gas projects.

Oil and Gas Upstream Market Outlook

April 1, 2021

Oil & Gas | Report | This report provides capex and opex forecasting for top categories across Europe, Middle East and Africa for 2021 including additional specific analysis for Africa.

Strategic Cost Savings for Nuclear Operators

December 22, 2020

Nuclear | Insight | This insight outlines how Nuclear operators can create supply chain value, identify cost savings opportunities, as well as select and manage supplier relationships using market intelligence and spend analytics.

Operator Spotlight Webinar with Southern Star

December 22, 2020

Gas | Webinar | This operator spotlight webinar with Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline includes their learnings and examples of how to unlock enterprise efficiencies.

Data-Driven Market Strategy

December 22, 2020

Oil & Gas | Insight | This insight covers data-driven cost & risk management strategies for operators facing an oil price rebound.

PowerAdvocate Risk Survey

December 22, 2020

Energy | Industry Survey | This report outlines the key findings from our annual industry survey focused on managing supply chain risk.

Unleashing the Power of Digitalization

December 22, 2020

Oil & Gas | Conference | This 3-minute presentation covers the key components to have an efficient business through the implementation of digitalization.

M&A Value Creation

December 9, 2020

Energy | Insight | Our thought leadership report outlines how energy players can create value in M&A by capturing spend merger synergies.

Adapting Ahead of Energy Transition

December 8, 2020

Oil & Gas | Interview | PowerAdvocate and Upstream discuss the future of the oil & gas industry and how to create a sustainable and cost-effective energy transition as many operators shift from becoming oil to energy providers.