Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence


Effective category management is not possible when retrieving, organizing, and interrelating data from multiple systems is required. Category managers that spend most of their time updating spreadsheets, slides, and analyses cannot provide the strategic value required of them.

The only tool purpose-built for energy category management teams, Market Intelligence is the “data cockpit” for the modern category manager. Automated data retrieval and an interface that allows you to create, execute and repeat category plans in a single place vastly reduces time burden on tactical activities, enabling you to:

  • Focus entirely on value-add activities, rather than data-entry or report creation
  • Make decisions with up-to-date, accurate data that is structured in consistent formats
  • Standardize and centralize category management processes and data across the organization
  • Uphold category plans through transitions of category managers with cloud based storage
  • Seamlessly provide executive reporting on key initiative metrics
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