Cost Intelligence

Cost Intelligence:


One question is always top-of-mind for energy supply chain, finance, and operations executives: “How does my pricing compare with the market?” Achieving sustainably low price outcomes with suppliers is critical to maintaining a healthy bottom line, yet most energy companies resort to guesswork or “rate-taking” in negotiations because they lack the market data to take fact-based positions.

Through Cost Intelligence, a tool fueled by $2 trillion of real energy pricing data, energy firms can successfully and sustainably fill this data gap. By leveraging thousands of costs models, tens of thousands of indices, extensive market reports, should-cost capabilities, and energy analyst expertise, you can quantify precisely how your prices should have moved, and will move, enabling you to:

  • Negotiate lower pricing in areas where should-cost reveals you to be above-market
  • Act quickly and proactively on market-based opportunities in real time
  • Avoid rapid price escalation by tying contracts to the right indices
  • Anchor supplier bids at a lower point by including cost models and should-cost in your packages
  • Stay abreast of geopolitical and economic forces that are, or likely will, affect your pricing 

Turn Your Data into Decisions