Capital Project Execution


Complete capital projects faster, at a lower cost, and with less risk.  PowerAdvocate gives you the flexibility to scale your capital project support to meet the needs of your business units. We support capital project execution in number of different capacities. For example, we help to:

  • Deliver cost, supplier and market research to improve project planning and avoid cost overruns and delays

  • Increase project cost estimation accuracy by cleansing historical project data and adjusting for circumstantial cost-drivers (e.g., location, terrain) to facilitate benchmark comparisons

  • Improve cost controls by enhancing the flow of pricing data throughout the lifecycle of a project and across the enterprise

  • Manage billion dollar EPC bids and/or procure the various materials, equipment and services depending on contracting strategies and need

  • Extend the value of centrally-led supply-chain initiatives to projects (e.g., market intelligence, SRM, estimating, category management, supplier pre-qualification)