Client Services

Client Services integrates with leading energy and natural resources companies to help them better manage costs through supply chain spending – sustainably, independently, and cost effectively.

Client Services is able to deliver financial benefits with lasting results through strategic procurement technology, proprietary industry data, and leading analytics. By leveraging our informational advantage – powered by our unique industry-wide visibility into cost structure, cost trends, pricing, and go-to-market approaches – our collaborative group of analysts, industry veterans, and engineers deliver distinctive results.

Cost Insights

Proprietary market intelligence for energy and natural resources companies seeking a data-driven approach to cost management and project planning.

Thought Leadership

Commentary, benchmarks and case studies in supply chain, cost optimization and risk management for energy and natural resources companies.

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Transformational Cost Reduction

Bend cost curves lower with onsite and remote resources to direct or support your teams, leveraging deeper insights into your data and external supply market data. Target the right opportunities for cost reduction, and execute faster and more effectively.

Capital Project & Program Execution

Complete capital projects and programs on schedule, at a lower total cost, and with less risk. Our execution-focused team integrates with yours to improve planning, estimating, controls, and supply chain contract strategy development and execution.

Supply Chain Organizational Effectiveness

Accelerate the development of a sustainable and strategic supply chain organization. sustainable development of your strategic supply chain organization. Our team helps energy and natural resources industry supply chains both incrementally and also as part of larger transformations by developing strategic procurement capabilities, leveraging technology to drive more efficient and effective supply chains and using data systematically to make better, more fact-based decisions.

Fact-based Industry Insights & Analysis

Inform key investment, regulatory support, and operational decisions in private transactions, M&A, and operational environments with deep insights based on proprietary cost, cost structure, and supply chain insights.  We support due diligence, strategic planning, regulatory support, and operational analysis through market analysis and consulting work that leverages our proprietary expertise.