Enterprise Leaders

Scott G. Stephenson

Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Verisk

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Joseph C. Levesque

President and Co-Founder, PowerAdvocate

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James Wagstaff

Senior Vice President, Global Growth

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Rob Cissel

Senior Vice President, Emerging Solutions

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Shawn Curley

Vice President, Global Growth

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Nick Gaubinger

Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Development, and Marketing

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Products and Technology

Rob Antczak

Chief Technology Officer

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Seth Beck

Vice President, Product Development

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Emily Edwards

Vice President, Data and Analytics Products

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Devin Thomas

Vice President, Market Intelligence

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Client Services




Angelo Artale

Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Client Services

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Tim Dorsey

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

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Charles Korn

Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Treasurer

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Donna Heuchling

Vice President, People Leadership & Culture

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