Meet the Employees

Our employees come from diverse backgrounds and solve diverse problems, but all embody the drive, creativity, teamwork, and passion that make us who we are. Meet some of them here!

Alex Jou

Employee Since 2010

Why I Chose PowerAdvocate: PowerAdvocate is a place that recognizes hard work and provides great opportunities to grow and take on more responsibility.  My teammates are all wonderful, smart people and I love coming in to work with them every day!

College: Northeastern University, Dual Major in Computer and Information Sciences 

Career path so far: I started as a Northeastern University Co-op in 2009, then joined full-time after graduating in 2010. Previously I worked as a software developer Co-op at Citigroup where I learned a lot of the techniques I still use today. 

Favorite things about PowerAdvocate: PowerAdvocate’s software development methodology and culture is second to none. It’s a place where quality comes first and we all buy into a culture of responsibility, cooperation and learning. We make the right decisions about what we build and how we go about it, even if they’re inconvenient or difficult. 

Hobbies/activities outside of work: I’m an active person and I love playing sports and bicycling. I’ve traveled internationally to almost every populated continent, and travel/street photography is a passion of mine. When I’m closer to home I enjoy cooking, snowboarding and board games with friends. 


Andrew Jean-Louis

Employee Since 2014

Why I Chose PowerAdvocate: I joined PowerAdvocate because of my passion for the energy industry and my desire to become a leader in the field. PowerAdvocate is urging energy companies to optimize supply chain operations by leveraging technology and industry best practices. In my opinion, that is truly a compelling mission considering today’s economic climate.  

College: Dartmouth College, B.S. Mechanical Engineering; B.A. Engineering modified with Economics

Projects worked on: I have worked on a number of projects in several countries. To name a few, I worked in the Middle East assisting a brand new nuclear company establish their procurement division; I implemented custom category management practices at an electric utility in the United States; and I assisted a Canadian utility develop a business plan to address a drastic reduction in expected capital project work. I find it extremely rewarding to see positive step changes in clients who are navigating challenging circumstances. 

Why I chose PowerAdvocate: I joined PowerAdvocate because of my passion for the energy industry and my desire to become a leader in the field. PowerAdvocate is urging energy companies to optimize supply chain operations by leveraging technology and industry best practices. In my opinion, that is truly a compelling mission considering today’s economic climate. 

Favorite things about PowerAdvocate: The community at PowerAdvocate is one saturated with individuals who are passionate, knowledgeable, and personable. I enjoy working with and learning from such talented people.  

Hobbies/activities outside of work: I’m a sports fanatic. Hailing from New York, I enjoy following the Knicks and Jets despite how painful that might be. I also seize every opportunity to stay active. For me that means the occasional pick-up basketball game, squash match, or hacking away at the grass underneath golf balls. 


Ashlea Van Ha

Employee Since 2010

Why I Chose PowerAdvocate: I was introduced to PowerAdvocate by a friend and after talking to her, I thought it would be a great fit for me due to the interesting & challenging projects that energy supply chain departments face as well as the engaging company culture at PA.   

Projects worked onI started out in the Client Services team for about 3.5 years which introduced me to numerous energy supply chain organizations across the US where we worked with them through major mergers and acquisitions, strategic sourcing strategies as well as category management plans.  I then transitioned to the Spend team in 2014 which allowed me to dive more into the data by cleaning, enriching and classifying our energy customer’s spend transactions.  As part of the Spend team, I have had the opportunity to become a Product Owner and am now currently an Operations Manager.

Favorite things about PA: One of my favorite things that I like about PowerAdvocate is the many opportunities that it has given me over the years that have allowed me to grow and learn.  I also really enjoy working with so many talented and passionate people across PowerAdvocate.   

Hobbies/activities outside of work: I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, watching Villanova basketball, playing golf and running 



Lira Park

Employee Since 2012

Why I Chose PowerAdvocateI chose PowerAdvocate because I knew the work that I would be doing would have a direct impact on the success of the company and more importantly, our customers. In addition, I appreciated the agile culture and strategy of the company, allowing PowerAdvocate to truly be at the forefront of the energy, big data, and SaaS industries.  

College: Trinity College – Hartford, CT 

Courses of Study: B.S. Psychology 

Career path so far: Prior to PowerAdvocate, I worked as a student analyst on Eversource’s Procurement team. During my time at PowerAdvocate, I have been lucky enough to fill a variety of roles. I started off in the Spend Intelligence group as an analyst. I moved into Sales Operations where I enabled the sales organization to run more effectively, efficiently, and supported key business strategies and objectives. From Sales Ops, I moved into a customer success role for the Utility side of the business. In my current role, I engage with and deliver value to a number of PowerAdvocate’s Oil and Gas customers and drive future company growth.  

Favorite things about PA: The people. I have never met such motivated, intelligent, and hardworking individuals that have pushed me to be my best self. It also helps that everyone is incredibly fun and enjoyable to be around!   

Hobbies/activities outside of work: I’ve played rugby for ~10 years (much to my mom’s dismay)! I enjoy traveling, skiing, reading, indulging in food (especially brunch), and spending time with my family and friends.  


Mikal Nathani

Employee Since 2019

Why I Chose PowerAdvocate: I’ve always had an interest in the energy industry and the company’s relentless focus on innovation and value delivery appealed to me. It has been exciting to work directly with clients around the world, building relationships, supporting their business goals, and learning all the while. I look forward to growing our presence worldwide and continuing to solve complex and interesting problems.

College: Cornell University – Ithaca, NY, United States

Courses of Study: B.S. Applied Economics & Management

Career Path so Far: Before joining PowerAdvocate, I interned in investment management and investment banking. Since joining PowerAdvocate, I have been able to support our clients through a variety of engagements, spanning internal spend data actionability and analytics, market-based cost analysis and modeling, and enterprise risk planning and mitigation. I’ve also had the chance to support our business expansion in EMEA, work closely with teams across the company, and source client feedback to drive product development and innovation. 

Favorite Things about PA: We sit in an extremely unique spot in the industry, providing data-driven analytics, insights and support to help energy companies around the world solve some of their most complex problems. The culture is fantastic – it’s always a pleasure collaborating with motivated and creative peers who truly care about pushing the company forward and delivering value. We’re also an extremely nimble company, able to adjust, adapt, and execute on new opportunities as they arise.

Hobbies/Activities Outside of Work: Reading about history and geopolitics, playing squash, following sports (any sport, it doesn’t matter!), trying new cuisines and restaurants, grilling and barbecuing, and getting outside for hikes and walks.


Noelle Polce

Employee Since 2016

Why I Chose PowerAdvocate: I joined PowerAdvocate because it is made up of innovative, passionate, and driven people who are committed to delivering value to clients in the Energy industry.

College: Villanova University, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Career path so far: I started my career working for a large industrial gases and chemicals company, moving between roles as a project, process, and supply chain engineer.  When I first came to PowerAdvocate to be part of the Energy Consulting group, I worked on a joint procurement initiative for two Canadian utilities, a merger effort between US Utilities, and various Nuclear and Renewables procurement projects within the US.  In my most recent consulting project, I worked with an Energy company to implement Agile ideas within their supply chain organization.  I transitioned in early 2019 to a new role as a Scrum Master for our Spend, Energy Intelligence, and Software Development teams.  In this role, I coach teams and run trainings around Agile and Scrum values, roles, and events, with the intent to help them become high-performing teams. 

Favorite things about PowerAdvocate: We have a fun and motivating culture and a supportive atmosphere that has allowed me to explore different roles in the company.   

Hobbies/activities outside of work: I enjoy learning to cook new recipes, watching sports, attempting to master poses in yoga class, and playing and listening to music. 


Nouran Ezzat

Employee Since 2020

Why I Chose PowerAdvocate: Having worked in Strategy Consulting for over 10 years, I wanted my next move to industry to stay close to my strategy background. I joined PowerAdvocate as it offers a truly unique hybrid of experiences covering growth strategy consulting, technology, sales, marketing and client relationship management – a business model we call ‘consultative sales’. Not easy to find an intersection of all these experiences in one role!

College: Joint honours degree (BSc) in Economics and Computing Science, Newcastle University, UK; and Financial Management MA, Durham Business School, UK

Career path so far: Prior to joining PowerAdvocate, I was a Strategy Consultant for 10,5 years working for a number of consultancies such as KPMG, EY-Parthenon and Simon-Kucher. I advised clients across sectors on a number of initiatives such as market entry strategies, M&A, sales and marketing strategies, and new value propositions from ideation through to launch. In my current role, I engage with and deliver value to our European and Scandinavian Oil & Gas and Natural Resources customers, identify future EMEA growth opportunities and lead global marketing strategies.

Favorite things about PowerAdvocate: My team – no question – and the overall work culture. It’s a place which promotes collaboration and learning, rewards hard work and is truly entrepreneurial allowing us to wear multiple hats and grow as professionals as we fuel the company’s exciting growth story.

Hobbies/activities outside of work: I’m an active person and I love playing sports. I used to be a ballerina for 13 years. In my spare time, I still dance, go to the theatre, work with charities for kids. Most recently after the lockdown, I have developed some serious cooking and baking skills!


Yomayra Martinez

Employee Since 2013

Why I Chose PowerAdvocate: I’m a big believer in the flat organization and it was very important for me to find a place where I can learn, collaborate and have the opportunity to make important contributions. PowerAdvocate did just that! I love coming to work every day knowing that I’m held accountable for my work and have a say in the company.

Career path so far: I started as a Northeastern University Co-op in 2011, then joined full-time after graduating in 2013. Previously I worked as an HR Co-op at Akamai Technologies and the Boston Consulting Group. 

Favorite things about PA: I would definitely have to say our people and culture. Our team consists of a diverse group of passionate individuals who are incredibly smart and passionate about what they do. The company has a one-of-a-kind culture that promotes team collaboration and a great learning environment. And on top of that, the company really tries to encourage employees to get to know each other better and have fun together by hosting cool activities and events throughout the year.   

Hobbies/activities outside of work: Continuously exploring the Boston area, discovering new restaurants, watching the Discovery ID channel and spending time with family and friends. 


Bashar Mohamadieh

Employee Since 2020

Favourite Things About PowerAdvocate: I like the culture of innovation and can-do attitude, where everyone is growth oriented and willing to help. I’m still to meet my colleagues from the wider PA organisation and looking to develop long lasting memories of working at PA

Education: Master of Business Administration, the American University in Dubai, Dubai – UAE, 2007

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technically, Irbid – Jordan, 2000

Career Path: Prior to joining Power Advocate, I joined Wood Mackenzie in 2008 and I'm still at Wood Mackenzie as VP of Sales, a member of the EMEARC Regional Leadership Team who is responsible for managing the Middle East & Africa sales team. Before Wood Mackenzie, I spent 5 years with “TABREED”; a UAE based utility company in a commercial role, followed by 2 years with “CONTAX”; a UAE based boutique consulting house as a business development advisor, where I assisted oil & gas clients in developing and executing business development strategies within the GCC region

Why I chose PowerAdvocate: I first learnt about PA in 2015 when Verisk was looking at acquiring the company and it was very interesting to learn how PA’s solutions help to improve the oil & gas supply chain processes. Later on, I was fortunate to be partially involved in the due diligence process and later on to lead the scoping and pitching of a joint WM-PA solution to one of the Middle East’s key national oil companies, ADNOC which increased my understanding of and interest in PA. During the ADNOC project I met few members of PA who were a great representation of the company, its culture and its people, which made me more interested in joining the PA team and being involved in growing the company’s international footprint

Hobbies/activities outside work: At home, I'm husband of Razan, father of 2 kids, Gia & Sami and 2 dogs, Bella & Snow. For leisure, nothing beats a day on the beach, and I love BJJ, cycling, football, racing and all types of music


Bridget Rudgers

Employee Since 2018

Favorite Things About PowerAdvocateIt may be a cliché thing to say, but PowerAdvocate has a uniquely talented and motivated group of employees. It’s rare to find a team of individuals who are passionate and collaborative about working towards a goal while also having fun along the way.

College: Cornell University, B.S. in Communication with a Concentration in Business and Focus Areas in Environment, Science & Health, Social Influence and Media Studies 

Career path so far: I started my career in the energy industry at Constellation (a subsidiary of Exelon) as a Business Development Analyst. In this role, I was exposed to the complicated economics of electricity generation, distribution and demand, which sparked my passion for the industry. Seeking to expand my skill sets and exposure to different utilities, I moved to a marketing and operations role on the Utility Sales and Marketing team at PowerAdvocate. After a year, I learned that out of all my responsibilities – from creating provocative content to managing events and team operations – I enjoyed working directly with our clients the most. This propelled me to seek a role on PowerAdvocate’s Client Services team where I am today.

Why did you choose PAPowerAdvocate provides a niche and crucial service to energy organizations across the world. At first, I was solely interested in learning about this unique facet of the energy industry, but what truly drew me to the company was the support and flexibility that comes with an agile organization dedicated to not only teaching and developing their employees, but to embracing new ideas and innovations.  

Hobbies/activities outside of work: In the off chance there is nice weather in Boston, I love to be outside and play pick-up basketball, go running and explore the city. I am a huge fan of everything comedy related including seeing live shows and occasionally writing and preforming. I currently serve on the Board of the Boston Chapter of Young Professionals in Energy (YPE) am on the Communication Committee for New England Women in Energy and the Environment (NEWIEE).


Claire Laczko

Employee Since 2020

Favourite Things About PowerAdvocate: Having a true global team with a community feel. Although I haven’t been able to meet most of my colleagues in person yet, I still feel connected to the team. I really look forward to being able to meet everyone in person once travel restrictions are lifted.

College: University of Surrey

Courses of Study: BSc Economics & Finance

Why I choose PowerAdvocate: Initially it was the job description that attracted me, working on a Growth Strategy team in the energy sector ticked all the boxes, but what really sold it to me was how interesting, talented, and kind the people at PowerAdvocate were during the interview process, and how welcomed they made me feel even before I had made a final decision. Since joining, I have truly enjoyed the variety of work and opportunities presented to me and I really look forward to continuing to grow our business in EMEA and globally.

Career path so far: Prior to PowerAdvocate I worked in the front office business management team at Mizuho International in London. During my time at PowerAdvocate I have been engaged in a multitude of projects spanning from working on our marketing plan, social media, PR and branding to creating and leading direct outreach campaigns as well as generating new leads and pitching to prospect clients. The EMEA team really has a more start-up feel where we need to not only continue to bring value to our existing customers but also raise our brand awareness in the region and keep growing at a fast pace. 

Hobbies/activities outside of work: Hot yoga, lacrosse, skiing, travelling, reading, cooking and spending time outdoors with family and friends.


Ella Akerman

Employee Since 2020

Favourite Things About PowerAdvocate: The best thing about PowerAdvocate are its people and the supportive and caring environment. Although I haven’t met any of my colleagues personally due to the Covid travel restrictions, I have been welcomed as part of the team from day one and enjoy working virtually with my colleagues in the US and London.


BA in History – University of Sorbonne, Paris IV

LL.M in Commercial Law – University of Aberdeen

Ph.D International Relations – King’s College London

Why I chose PowerAdvocate: Having an extensive experience working in the energy industry, PowerAdvocate provided me with a unique opportunity to get to understand this sector from a different perspective by focussing on cost management and supporting energy operators to identify strategic cost saving opportunities. I enjoy working with clients across the entire energy value chain to help them improve their procurement processes and maximise their project returns. I particularly enjoy the dynamic, creative and caring environment at Power Advocate where everyone’s opinion is valued, and teamwork is key to delivering the best solutions to clients.

Career Path: Prior to joining PowerAdvocate, I have worked for Wood Mackenzie for over a decade, first as Upstream Oil & Gas Analyst and then in commercial roles. For the last three years, I had been part of Wood Mackenzie’s sister company, Verisk Maplecroft, in account management and business development, opening new business opportunities in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Hobbies/activities outside work: I love travelling and exploring new places. As a professional photographer I am constantly on the lookout for new perspectives and how best capturing them to convey the beauty and diversity of the world. I also love reading, culture and music. I enjoy cooking, wine tasting and spending time with my friends having inspiring conversations or sharing a laugh.


Raphael Bardin

Employee Since 2020

Favourite Things About PowerAdvocate: PA has an incredibly smart, fun and inclusive culture – despite joining in lockdown and in a remote office to company HQs, I feel very strongly aligned with the company’s people and objectives. I also enjoy the responsibility and learning curve this role provides.

Education: Yale School of Management, CT, USA ; HEC Paris, Mines ParisTech, France

Courses of Study: Business Administration, Management, Civil Engineering

Why I chose PowerAdvocate: I am passionate about the energy sectors and its strategic transformations (sustainability, digitisation) - I focused most of my academic and professional career to the industry. PowerAdvocate offered the chance to work at the forefront of these challenges, taking part in the transformation from the angle of data and intelligence. Moreover, I wanted to work in business development / growth, and the company was opening an EMEA office to grow its business in Europe. Last, I was truly impressed by the people and vision during the interview, both from a professional and personal point of view. For all these reasons, PA was an offer I could not refuse!

Career path so far: Prior to joining PowerAdvocate, I worked in the renewable energy industry, developing solar and EV charging projects. I joined the PowerAdvocate EMEA Growth team in May 2020, as the company was seeking to grow abroad. In my current tole, I work on highly diverse tasks to support PA’s growth in the EMEA region, ranging from drafting and delivering sales pitches to taking part in outbound marketing activities.

Hobbies/activities outside of work: I grew up playing rugby since the age of 4, playing competitive in France and the UK. I truly enjoy most sports in general (tennis/ski/football/golf etc.). I also enjoy wine tasting and was responsible for running a wine club during my studies. Board games, travels, hikes, and great time with friends & family are part of my other occupations.


Cindy Yu

Employee Since 2012 

Hobbies/Activities Outside of Work: I love movies and cooking, and also have a great passion for Zumba. I recently became a licensed Zumba Instructor in hopes that I would teach it in a gym or dance studio one day. 

College: Northeastern University, B.S. Dual Major in Computer Science and Business 

Career path so far: I worked at a big company, Goldman Sachs, in my third Northeastern University Coop and then was offered my first job as an analyst developer right out of college.  In 2012, a college friend introduced me to PowerAdvocate and told me it would provide tremendous learning opportunities for web technology to round out my back end experience.  At first, I was placed in a team that was working on a Monthly Data Update feature for one of the Energy Intelligence Platform (EIP) products.  Learning both the business and technology at the same time was quite challenging but it was also quite rewarding.  Later my team was given more responsibilities to support and build new features for other EIP products including Sourcing Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Contract intelligence and Spend Intelligence.  For the past couple years working in PowerAdvocate, I have been part of building the Suppliers and Strategy relays for Market Intelligence, re-designing the new dashboard for Sourcing Intelligence and assisting multiple software upgrades for the EIP platform. 

Favorite things about PowerAdvocate: I like PowerAdvocate because it is smaller, more agile and fast-paced in terms of adopting up-to-date technology. While a big company may take one year or even longer to upgrade to the next major version of Java, PowerAdvocate has done upgrades for Java, WebLogic, Oracle and its automation tool in a span of two years while still delivering new features to our clients.  Another thing that I love about PowerAdvocate is the people that I get to work with on a daily basis.  In addition to the hard work and talent, I see the passion and dedication that people have for their work. The culture that people in PowerAdvocate have built makes it a very special and fun place to work for. And finally, we use Scrum.  I love it and could never go back to Waterfall!