In a world where 80%+ of energy company spend is with suppliers, understanding and optimizing costs is the only path to a strong bottom line and earnings-per-share growth. PowerAdvocate delivers data, software, and consulting solutions that will get you there. With the world’s largest, $2 trillion Energy FactBase™, advanced machine learning capabilities, and employees with hundreds of man-years of energy data expertise, we are uniquely capable of delivering actionable spend, market, supplier, sourcing, and contracts data and strategies to energy firms.

For 20 years, we have provided clients with the data and expertise requisite to understand how their costs are structured, how their pricing stacks up to the market, how they can source more often and competitively, and how their suppliers are performing. As a result, these firms have achieved hundreds of millions in cost reduction and vastly increased efficiency and productivity across their supply chain, operations, and finance processes. Ultimately, we measure ourselves by how well we deliver tangible, sustainable results like these.

Our Technology Process


PowerAdvocate software is developed using the SCRUM framework, which allows features with important business value to be prioritized for development. The SCRUM framework supports a flexible, collaborative and efficient development environment that enables PowerAdvocate to be highly responsive to customer and market needs. Since adopting this agile development process, we’ve:

  • Become far more efficient at supporting and improving our Energy Intelligence Platform
  • Reduced the time required to prepare a release for production from three-weeks to six days
  • Reduced the cycle time to introduce new products by 50%
  • Uncovered 75% fewer software bugs

Read more about our transition to the SCRUM process in this SolutionsIQ Case Study.


“I expected turnover; the reality is that we’ve not lost a single person as a result of the change from Waterfall to Scrum. Now we’re excited about how we make software. It’s kind of unbelievable.”
- Daniel Sullivan, President and Chief Executive Officer, PowerAdvocate